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Live At Caesars Palace

Some time ago I run across a CD at eBay that looked interesting and was cheap so I bought it.

It is called “Live at Caesars Palace” and presents samples of recordings from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from around 1970. The CD was apparently a promotional release for a series of recordings from Caesars Palace, which never materialized.

It features some of the big names, which appeared at the casino at that time and Duke Ellington is one of them.


Ellington’s contributions to the CD are “Creole Love Call” and “Take The ‘A’ Train”.

Looking for more information I came across a quite thorough review of the CD by Sjef Hoefsmit in the DEMS Bulletin. Among other things he says:

“The recording of Creole Love Call is different from any of the descriptions in the New DESOR. It contains exclusively three choruses of the first theme between the piano intro and the coda. The second theme was not performed. That makes it a rare performance and I believe that this is a genuine recording from Caesar’s Palace and not a recording “borrowed” from somewhere else.”

As regards “Take The ‘A’ Train”, he considers that it was recorded at the same time as “Creole Love Call” but with the structure identical to 146 other recordings of the piece.

Concerning the recording date, Hoefsmit goes the three-weeks engagement at the end of 1970 and the beginning of 1971 since he “hear Money Johnson in Creole Love Call, the bass sounds much more like Joe Benjamin than Victor Gaskin and there is no trace of Johnny Hodges.”

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